In May 2023, a video went viral on social media where a woman sought the services of a tattoo artist named Joseph. She sent him two reference images of a fox tattoo, to which Joseph responded with a rough draft. However, the client was not pleased with the design – she found the fox incomplete, and there were unwanted additions such as flowers. The crux of the issue was that she couldn’t back out as she had already paid the so-called “design fee”.

The client was furious and felt that it shouldn’t be this hard to negotiate. The artist stated that the $2600 only covered one revision, but because the client was entirely unsatisfied, it would need a complete redesign, and thus, she would have to pay another full fee. If she didn’t agree, no tattooing would occur, and the artist wouldn’t refund the money.

Following this incident, the artist received serious backlash online, with many negative reviews, one-star ratings on Google, and even death threats. Many people on the internet empathized with the client’s experience.

Key Takeaways

Happy customers bring satisfaction and growth. We don’t need to please everyone, but we should never underestimate the impact of an unsatisfied customer. In the unpredictable world of the internet, this might be a wise strategy to protect one’s business.