Why STGKP Marketing in BC?

While the Chinese (38%) and Indian markets (30%) are saturated with competitors, the combined 34% of the Spanish (9%), Tagalog (9%), German (6%), Korean (5%), and Persian (4%) language speakers present a ripe opportunity
See so much in one day
Strategize to market STGKP as one
Know more people to partner with

Vancouver Market potentials in Spanish, Tagalog, German, Korean, and Persian in ONE DAY

The Speakers

Here is a distinguished lineup of consultants from the STGKP communities, each bringing unique insights into their respective cultural sub-markets. These speakers are representatives in Spanish, Tagalog, German, Korean, and Persian markets, ready to share their first-hand strategies and experiences.

Innovate Through Understanding

Think beyond boundaries and explore new market strategies. Join us to learn how cultural insights can drive innovation.

Connect Cultures, Create Opportunities

Every interaction is an opportunity for growth. Come to Honest Summit and turn cultural knowledge into business success.

Unlock Market Potentials

Dive into the depths of minority cultures. See your customer base in a new light and expand your market intelligently

Don’t miss June 12!

Join us at the Multicultural Day in Vancouver on Wednesday June 12 ONLINE for an unparalleled opportunity to dive into the STGKP markets—representing Spanish, Tagalog, German, Korean, and Persian-speaking communities. This event offers you the chance to engage directly with leading who are shaping these markets. With exclusive access, you will uncover new opportunities in the STGKP segments giving you higher potential returns compared to the saturated Chinese and Indian markets.
Exclusive Seats
Return on Knowledge

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    The Multicultural Marketing Day is going virtual this year! We’re excited to host this event on Zoom, where you’ll hear directly from our speakers who will be presenting live. To keep the session interactive and ensure everyone can participate in discussions, we’re limiting spots to just 20 companies or organizations. But don’t worry if you’re flying solo — individual students and anyone with a passion for multicultural and multilingual topics are also warmly invited to join us. This is a great chance to dive deep into diverse cultures from the comfort of your own space, so make sure to grab your spot before they fill up!